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It’s Time for Retail and Restaurant Construction Investment Again

With 183 million vaccines administered as of this writing and a running daily average approaching 3 million vaccines, it’s probably safe to say that we’re heading in the direction of back to normal. For those who have spent a lot of time at home, wanting to simply go out shopping or out to eat without a lot of hoops to jump through, this trend can seem like a breath of fresh air after a long, desperate effort.

But what does that mean for investors? With increased interest in retail and restaurant activities, there will be a rebound of the high levels of retail, restaurant and commercial construction that was happening before the COVID-19 pandemic began to sweep around our world. Why not take advantage of this upswing by investing in retail and restaurant construction again?

With COVID-19 on the Run, It’s Time for Retail and Restaurant Construction Investment Again!

According to the Census Bureau, the initial drop in retail and food service numbers has already recovered long past the initial drop during last year’s shutdowns and stay-at-home orders. February saw a 1% increase in restaurant performance, returning it to pre-COVID levels. Given the strong rebound following the initial drop early in 2020, it’s expected that restaurant performance, and the retail stores that are often surrounding the food establishments, will continue to grow back to pre-2020 levels very shortly.

As this process rolls forward, new construction of these structures is a great opportunity for investment. Because they are backed by a physical structure, there’s better protection of your investment than with simple company stocks, as the structure could always be sold down the road. By investing in retail and restaurant construction, you’re also investing in your community’s future growth.

That being said, a bit of caution may still be warranted, at least during the construction process. In Ontario, studies have shown that more outbreaks are linked to factory, warehouse and construction work than to retail and restaurant exposures. Make sure that the construction team that you work with is willing and able to meet or exceed your requirements to ensure worker safety as the pandemic continues winding down, helping prevent delays caused by crew shortages and allowing your project to finish on time.

By investing in retail and restaurant construction, you can enjoy a solid return on your investment as our country and world begin to open up again. If considering a commercial construction project, the commercial contractor team at JHan Construction can help you find the right resources to turn your project from a simple dream into a solid reality. With offices across the U.S., we’d be happy to help. Please feel free to reach out today for more information, with any questions or to start planning your commercial construction project.